Opinion Letters

Where’s the ambition for education? – Lexington-Herald Editorial Board

Using local taxes for charter schools is a bad idea, especially for Northern Kentucky – Brent Cooper, president, C-Forward

We don’t blame doctors, why teachers? – Beanie Geoghegan, Louisville

Nix charter school plan – Deborah Flomenhoft, Lexington

Whoa, Ky. going wrong way on charters – Jeanne Allen, founder and CEO of the Center for Education Reform.

All Charter School Bills Are Bad – Ed Hensley, Louisville

Special needs must be considered – Laura Rothstein, professor and a Distinguished University Scholar at the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law.

Charters ravage like locusts – Gay Adelmann, parent, co-founder Save Our Schools KY

Charters: Beware the Trojan horse – Linda Allewalt, Shelbyville

Special needs must be considered – Laura Rothstein, professor and a Distinguished University Scholar at the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law.

Are Charter Schools Good for Estill County?

Opposition to HB151 and HB103 – Deanna Ferreira, parent

Charter Schools, Then Charter Police? – Marty Solomon, retired University of Kentucky Professor

Charter schools won’t only impact larger cities

Fund schools we have – Jessica Bennett, student

Ky. falls in lockstep with Koch agenda – Ron Formisano, retired history professor and author of “Plutocracy in America: How Increasing Inequality Destroys the Middle Class and Exploits the Poor” (Johns Hopkins University, 2015).

No to charter schools – Jennifer Caravello, Lexington Teacher

Invest in public schools – Matt Wyatt, Elizabethtown School Board Chair

Charter schools drain funding from already stretched public schools – Cynthia Resor, Lancaster

Kentucky should resist the phony promise of charter schools – Wilson Sears, former superintendent of Somerset Independent Schools and former executive director of the Kentucky Association of School Superintendents.

Charters debate needs to address accountability – Brent McKim, JCTA

Former teacher blasts charter schools – Ava-Margeaux Tierney

Thoughts on Charter Schools – David Jones, Jr., Former JCPS Board Chair

Dear JCPS offers its school board choices – Gay Adelmann, co-founder Dear JCPS and Save Our Schools KY

Charters are not the answer, Gov. Bevin – Annalee Abell, teacher