Hello Tennessee parents, teachers and public school supporters! Vouchers are dirty business and do not belong in either of our states. We feel your pain and want to help!

Save Our Schools Kentucky is extending this simple tool that has worked fairly well in our state to make it simple for Tennessee stakeholders to do the same. This one click email link should populate your email client with the addresses of all of Tennessee’s Senators. Simply fill in the subject and body of the email and hit send.

Use this link to email all Tennessee Senators at the same time!

The Tennessee Senate is expected to vote on House Bill 939 tomorrow! This bill will create a system of private school vouchers that will take scarce resources away from our already underfunded public schools. While public schools must accept every child, private schools that receive taxpayer dollars in the form of vouchers can pick and choose among students they wish to admit, which often means rejecting children with disabilities and English language learners. House Bill 939 creates education savings accounts, which are “vouchers on a gift card” that would mean little accountability and much potential for misuse. House Bill 939 supposedly provides funds to offset losses that public schools will suffer from ESAs in the first three years of the program but nothing after that, meaning that ESAs will eventually ravage public school budgets. 

In your own words, tell them to PLEASE VOTE NO ON HOUSE BILL 939 ON THE SENATE FLOOR!

A blind copy will also be sent to Save Our Schools KY just to help us keep track of how many people are able to use the tool. If you have any problems using it, please email us at moderator@saveourschoolsky.org and we will send the email addresses to you directly.

Good luck!

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