Thank you for joining us for our Twitter Storm to make sure our legislators know we’re not happy about their pension proposals. Tell them #NoSpecialSession and #FindFundingFirst when you retweet the following tweets. Add your legislators’ handles, along with @GovMattBevin.

Copy and paste these handles

House Education Committee:

.@drdanbentley @BamCarney @BunchGina @RepJimDeCesare @philmoffett @reptimmoore @MelindaPrunty @JamesATipton @JillYork1

Senate Education Committee:

.@mikewilson2018 @maxwellwise @jrajra @dannycarrollky @kydavidgivens @SenatorJimmy @aliceforgykerr @slmeredithky1 @GeraldNeal33 @SteveWestKY

OR Here they are all together:

.@GovMattBevin @drdanbentley @BamCarney @BunchGina @RepJimDeCesare @philmoffett @reptimmoore @MelindaPrunty @JamesATipton @JillYork1 @mikewilson2018 @maxwellwise @jrajra @dannycarrollky @kydavidgivens @SenatorJimmy @aliceforgykerr @slmeredithky1 @GeraldNeal33 @SteveWestKY

Retweet Our Existing Tweets

Click below to pull up a search of existing tweets with the same hashtags, add your legislators’ handles, and retweet the ones you like:





Download and Tweet our Existing Memes

Support Our Thunderclap

Also, be sure to support our #PensionsMeanBusiness Thunderclap here. Be sure to let small business owners know that you believe The Kentucky Chamber overstepped their bounds when they supported this pension bill.

Compose Your Own

Or, you can also compose your own tweets. Please use #FindFundingFirst and #NoSpecialSession so we’re able to find and retweet each other!

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